Large Dog Preciously Protects Tiny Puppy


Yeti the puppy may be young and naïve, but he has nothing to worry about with Bentley looking out for him! These two seem like an unlikely pair, but their bond is real. In the video, Bentley wraps his paws around Yeti and keeps him close by his side. He knows he has a responsibility to protect his tiny friend, and he’s not going to let him down. Even when Yeti decides to nibble on his bodyguard’s ear, Bentley stays very patient and serious. He’s very alert, and he’s not going to let anyone bother little Yeti. How sweet! Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

Want to see more super sweet dogs? Check out this AFV video of a puppy helping an older dog get out of the car. When the younger dog sees that the older dog is having trouble, she gets out of the car first and then picks up the older dog’s leash to help her get down. How thoughtful! Who knows, maybe Yeti will be the one taking care of Bentley one day. Check out the video!