This Pug Drummer Just Froze My Brain With His Outstanding Talent! OMG!


This pug drummer is actually playing the drums to beat out an outstanding version of Metallica’s ‘Enter The Sandman’! Although this is just a setup, it’s a remarkable setup because here the pug cooperated with his person in order to pull this awesome stunt out!

Look at those pink sunglasses, the sky blue jacket and his baby pink tongue lolling out as he beautifully drums out the beat to many peoples’ favorite song! What an amazing performance – someone give that dog a bone!

This man, the pug’s owner, literally just broke the internet with his awesome pug! While I’m not sure how long it took him to make his pug do this stunt, I believe it would have taken some time and lots of treats to make this perfect! I bet the guys in Metallica would have absolutely loved a canine version of their famous song! If you’ve taken a look, don’t forget to share this post with your friends