When You See Where These Pugs Family Are Sitting And Why They’re Smiling…OMG!


We’ve often seen dogs sticking their heads out of car windows, and riding in special seats on the back of motorcycles. We’ve even seen dogs having a grand old time sitting in swings at the playground. But have you ever seen pugs as adorable as these riding in the seat of a carousel? If there’s one thing their fur parents know, it’s how to make any day fun for their pug babies.

They’re content to sit in one place and enjoy going around and around until the ride is done. They probably enjoy the attention of all the other kids around them, too. Maybe they’re all jealous that these pugnacious pugs stole their seat and their spotlight? It wouldn’t be a surprise if they practically begged their fur parents to take them out to the park every day for a ride like this.