Puppies and Stairs Are The Funniest Combination


We all feel the pain. Those daunting stairs we all dreadfully gazed down as little toddlers just learning to walk are bound to make anyone a little cautious. Sure we’ve gotten more experienced as we’ve grown up, but little ones today still have troubles with their first stair experience. And we’re not just talking about babies. Animals have just as hard of a time with stairs as humans do, if not more. Check out this adorable Lab pup who has learned a new and improved way to conquer the oh-so-terrifying staircase. Watch below and check out how puppies and stairs mix!


Now that’s one smart pup! Talk about being ~smooth~.

While this pup might have had one of the more graceful ways of going about it, not all pups are quite as gifted. Take the star of this next video for example. Bet you didn’t know puppies and stairs could result in so many laughs! Check out his method for overcoming his stairs below!

Sure, that’s one way to do it! The best part is that he didn’t even think twice! Maybe he isn’t as graceful, but he sure is audacious. For all he knows, he could’ve been swallowed up by that bush! But alas, he escapes and comes out victorious!

Do you have any silly videos of babies and animals overcoming their fear of stairs? If so, upload themHERE! We can’t wait to see them.