When You see Why These Puppies Are So Cranky You’re Going To Laugh!


So these puppies are cranky for a reason and that’s because they’re curious! They’ve just seen an unidentified object on the floor and now they can’t wait to show it who’s boss! Have you ever been in a situation where you see something unfamiliar and suddenly you become so curious that you want to know what it is no matter what happens?

Yes, that is exactly what these adorable puppies are going through right now! These adorable fur babies saw a block of ice on the floor and since they’ve never seen it before, all of a sudden they become so curious, so protective and so weird at the same time! The first video is about an English bulldog who gets to see ice for the first time and the second one is about a German shepherd who experiences a cold nose!

Check out these two adorable videos down below!