Puppy Bowl X


It’s that time of year again! The Puppy Bowl is back, and the lineup has been announced!

The Puppy Bowl, put on by Animal Planet, has been a favorite of viewers since it’s start in 2005. For the people who watch the actual Superbowl only for the commercials, this show is for you!

Combining cute with purpose, the dogs that are featured in the Puppy Bowl game are all from rescue organizations, and many get adopted into their “fur-ever” homes thanks to the media exposure for shelter animals. Animal Planet’s partnership with adoption organizations means that each puppy gets their chance to shine. With a viewing audience of 12.4 million people last year, the Puppy Bowl is a great opportunity to get exposure to the invaluable shelter organizations that work so hard.

For those who missed last year’s bowl, here’s a short recap of all the gameday action!

This years proves to be just as exciting. With a great starting lineup of 39 contenders, there are just too many cute and talented faces to pick a favorite! Will it be Aurora, the Dalmatian who has a crush on a fireman? Or maybe Brody, the American Eskimo dog who someday wants to own his own dog house? Or maybe it’s going to be Mila, the pitbull puppy who adores the theatre but always arrives late, that steals the show. Whoever your favorite may be, I think one thing we can agree on is that they are all adorable!

Who is your favorite puppy player for this years Puppy Bowl?