The Moment This Homeless Mother Realises Her Last Remaining Puppy Is Going To Be Saved


Hope for Paws do an amazing job rescuing homeless dogs in dire need every day in Los Angeles, US.

And their recent rescue of Zoe and her puppy is no exception, The Dodo reports.


A man in southern California recently left his home and in doing so, he mercilessly left his dog behind.

Forced to brave the world by herself, the female dog wandered the streets of her hometown searching for food and shelter. Like many other stray dogs, she got pregnant and was forced to give birth in horrific conditions.

But luckily, a kind soul saw the dog in her state and made her a makeshift shelter out of a dustbin for her and her puppies.


There she was able to nurse her puppies away from the dangers of the streets.

As if her situation couldn’t get any worse, a group of local children found the mother and cruelly stole her babies from her.

They took all of her puppies, except one.


The mother put all her life force into protecting her one remaining baby, an adorable little black puppy. So when Hope For Paws came to rescue them, she was extremely protective and growled at the volunteers, convinced they were going to steal her one last baby.

In the far corner of the dustbin, she tried to hide her puppy, covering her and aggressively growling at anyone who seemed to be approaching them. But she was no doubt starving, so when the volunteers offered her some food, she shuffled forward to inspect it.


Having eaten some of the burger, and listening to the volunteers’ kind words, the female dog seemed to calm down a bit. Slowly, they approached her and she even let them stroke her. Gently placing a leash around her neck, they made sure she knew she could trust them.


And it worked, the mother allowed them to pick her and her baby up. It was now time to turn their lives around for good.




Once they arrived at the shelter, the mother and her baby underwent several medical examinations which confirmed they were both in good health.

They named the mother Zoe and her little girl Meadow. Zoe relaxed in the shelter while her puppy played around her nibbling at her mother’s ears. It was if she knew they were now finally over the worst.


They’ve now been handed over to the kind humans at Shelter Hope Pet Shop where they are being given plenty of cuddles. Zoe and her puppy Meadow are now up for adoption and looking for a forever home.


Watch the moving footage of their rescue: