This Puppy’s Mom And Dad Are Outside! Now Watch His Reaction!


No kid likes to stay away from mom and dad for a second, unaware. It is scary, traumatic and miserable for the kid. But, what when your parents standing right in front of you, inaccessible to you? And, what when they don’t care? Once in a while, every parent looks out for a cozy evening in arms and songs of their spouse, peaceful and quiet.

Seems like this mom and dad will take an eternity to; get cozy in their burning love. It is rare to spot a momma and dada dogs taking care of their little son and this video is truly a catch. Or perhaps, the white cat, sleuthing in the background is teaching the parents a Dummy course on parenting. The puppy either is, frustrated or out of barks as the climax shows.

His dad is a pit bull and mom a Boston terrier as you can lucidly see from his amazing mix of coat, love and anger. In any way, this family truly has some amazing moments with the dog family controlled by the charming cat. Share this story now.