Mama Gave Birth To Rare Twin Babies. And This Footage Is Awesome.


If you absolutely love horses, you’re going to love watching this video because it features a mommy horse and her twins – four day old Belgian drafts! I think horses are magnificent species, really and sometimes they can be really funny! For example did you take a look at the top 9 rare horse breeds in the world? They’re beautiful isn’t it? Then you’ve also got to check out this horse, who’s farting the stress away! Of course this horse had a brutal past, but that’s all it is, a past.

Horses are adorable creatures and they can be quite expressive at times! Not only do theylove each other, they also love other species
Yep horses are my new favorite and if they were tiny, I’d have them at home! Now take a look at this magnificent mommy horse with her two beautiful babies