Owner Secretly Records Dogs When She Leaves The House


Anyone lucky enough to be a pet parent knows that dogs aren’t just comforting and loyal — they also love us unconditionally. Just like children, they can become truly heartbroken when we go away for a while, even for a few minutes.

In the following video, we see what happens as soon as one owner leaves the house, leaving behind her two beautiful dogs and someone else to film the aftermath. The dogs know they have each other to lean on, and boy do they — their reaction is priceless. At first, their heartbroken cries made me sad… but once I saw what they do at the 1:05 mark, I knew these two were just a couple of adorably dramatic pooches.

For those owners whose pets struggle with separation anxiety, leaving the home gradually can help dogs feel more confident when left alone. Using buzz words like “relax” before leaving can also be calming for the solitary pup.

This video serves as the perfect reminder to show our pets love in the short time we share with them. Their love is pure and unconditional, just like ours should be.