The Difference Between Red Nose Pitbull and Blue Nose Pit Bulls


Pit bulls can make great family pets.

Red Nose PitbullAlthough thought of by many as primarily a fighting dog, the pit bull has done much over time to reestablish itself as a very useful, or even “family” dog. Pit bulls have been known not only to make great pets, but have served as therapy dogs, agility dogs, and even law enforcement dogs. Due to intense over-breeding, many of these intelligent and powerful dogs find themselves in shelters, while prospective pet owners search the classifieds looking for pets.

Red Nose Pit

  • The red nose pit is regarded by many to be one of the premiere “types” of pit bull. Many consider this pit bull to be less common. This is not necessarily so, although breeders take advantage of this myth by upping the pricing of the red nose pit. The red nose pit is thought to have originated in Ireland from a line called the “Old Family Red Noses” which ultimately became shortened to the red nose pit.

Blue Nose Pit

  • The blue nose pit is often even more highly priced than its red nose counterpart. Although the exact origin is again unknown, the blue nose pit’s heritage is thought to be traced back to Ireland as well. Its unique color and appearance is credited to continued interbreeding throughout the years, which has resulted in genetic defects. Now, years later, the blue nose pit is considered less of a rarity, although still less common than other types of pit bulls.


  • Many believe that red nose and blue nose pit bulls differ in temperament and personality. However, the reality is there has been very little proven difference between the two types. The only proven difference between the two comes down to the colors. Breeders over the years have marketed the two types as being special, when in reality they differ very little from any other type of pit bull. Therefore, for a buyer, it really comes down to which color is preferred.

The Reality

  • Both the red nose and the blue nose pit bulls are regarded as the premium picks of their breed. There is very little explanation for this other than breeders perpetuating the myth and creating a higher demand. Both types are generally regarded as good family pets and not predisposed to violence. With the pit bull breed coming in nearly every color imaginable, the blue and red nose pits are just two of the many variations