They Sent Him To Rescue A Puppy, But When He Got There…OMG


The Michigan Humane Society got a call about a puppy that was left tethered to a couch. It was a very rainy day, and it was no time for the puppy to be outside, so a caring man was dispatched to go and help the puppy. When he arrived, the puppy wasn’t chained up, and came right over to the man. While he was comforting the drenched little pooch, the most unexpected thing happened. The man heard the meowing of a small kitten. Going over to where the puppy had been he discovered a small kitten. The puppy and the kitten were very protective of each other. There are few things as adorable as a puppy in love, and these two youngsters really had it bad.

The two are ready for adoption, and hopefully they can find a forever home together. Share to thank the Humane Society!