History Made As Rescue Dog Becomes First Ever NYPD K9 Pit Bull


Meet Kiah the pit bull – the latest addition to one New York police department.

Kiah has joined the K9 unit of Poughkeepsie police – just north of New York City – and according to I Heart Dogs she’s fighting both crime and stereotypes, as she becomes the first pit bull to be ’employed’ by the NYPD.

Kiah has graduated from an Animal Farm Foundation programme that rescues and trains pit bulls for police detection work. She will be one of the first dogs to graduate from this special K9 training school.UNILAD-article-urn-publicid-ap.org-2ddc7e4b54064a45931ec001f23045c8-3c4ZqqoL5W2458063f55bc05f41a-882_634x43790710_compressed

AFF are a non-profit animal rescue and advocacy group who are dedicated to ending pit bull stereotypes.

And Kiah has shown her prowess in sniffing out people, so will be used to help out in missing person searches.

Officer Justin Bruzgul, Kiah’s new partner, says ‘breed doesn’t matter’, what does matter is the drive and willingness to work.