Pooch Comes To The Rescue Of Missing 3-Year-Old Boy


When 3-year-old Eli Alcock went missing last week in Florien, LA, his family feared the worst.

“Imagining never seeing him again, never hearing him again,” mom Lindsy Alcock told Louisiana’s KPLC. “Just the reality of what was happening.”

But, desperate to find her boy, she asked the community to get involved with the search effort in addition to the local sheriff’s department.

It didn’t take long for Doug Downs to jump on board to find Eli. He also brought his hunting dog, Honey, along, although he was a bit apprehensive.

“The pressure was on because you’re asked to come and perform something that you’ve never done before,” said Downs, a local pastor.

It’s a good thing Downs and his dog got involved: After hours of sniffing around, the pooch was able to locate Eli. Much like the time a dog protected his 3-year-old best bud after she wandered away from her home, this little boy was also found in the woods.

“The good Lord was watching over us that night,” Downs said. “He showed up through a four-legged dog and he showed us his power that night and that’s really where all the credit is due.”

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