Rescue Pit Bull “Attacks” Human After Being Away From Him For A Week


When you think about a pit bull, the one thing that comes to mind is the misconception that they are vicious creatures. Well, this video is about to prove otherwise. Recently an American veteran was kicked out of the flight she was travelling with, just because her service dog was a pit bull mix. Mind you, this happened just a few days ago. Clearly tells just how wrong people are and how these misconceptions have carried on in years.

Take a look at this video for example and maybe you will start thinking otherwise. This man was in the hospital for a week, and so naturally, he was away from his beloved doe for that period of time. When this pit bull’s human and daddy returns back home, she attacks him with love and kisses, indicating just how much she missed him! There’s nothing vicious about this, is there?

Take a look at this video!