Rescue Pit Bulls Become Surrogate Moms To 3 Blind Kittens


Three blind cats were recently rescued by the Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, Delaware. This trio of fur-balls — all three who had to have their eyes removed — were having trouble adjusting to their new lives. That’s when one of the shelter’s volunteers stepped up to the plate. Sherry and her 14-year-old daughter welcomed Bruce, Willis and Helen into their home. The only catch? They have two massive rescue pit bulls.

However, these pitties are truly incredible, with hearts as big as their heads. Alfie and Frankie formed an instant bond with the special needs cats.

Sherry could tell Alfie and Frankie sensed the cats were in desperate need of love and care. They’ve so far defied the stigma attached to their breed by taking on the role of surrogate mothers, kissing and cuddling the cats as if they were their own puppies. In fact, they’ve gotten so close and comfortable that the kittens like to nap on the pit bull’s backs. Aww!

This unconventional family is proof of two surefire things — that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. And that love truly knows no bounds.