Do Tigers Like Playing In Water? Watch How These Rescue Tigers React To Water!


Tigers are ferocious creatures, we all know that, but in the end they’re just big cats, aren’t they? Now do these big cats like to play in water? Well, you’re about to find out shortly, but let me brief this to you – they absolutely love swimming in water! They’re like a blend between a dog and a cat and they absolutely love playing with the ball too!

This is the story of two rescued tigers who finally got the chance to experience what’s it like to swim in the water and their reaction is just epic! Introducing Carli and Lily, both who were rescued from Buffalo, New York. They had no clue what it was like to be a tiger until they were rescued and brought to their forever loving home at Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada. Kelly Donithan of the IFAW visited these tigers and she couldn’t believe her eyes! The tigers absolutely loved swimming and Lily is just too excited about playing in water. Carli sees how much fun Lily is having and so he joins her in the pool.

Watch this video below!