Rescued Baby Elephant Forms Great Friendship With German Shepherd


The future wasn’t looking so bright for a rescued baby elephant named Ellie. But that all changed once he met a German shepherd named Duma.

The elephant found a new home at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa after his herd rejected him. And on top of being abandoned, the poor elephant also had some serious health issues and was intolerant to milk. Rescuers feared he wouldn’t survive.

But with the help of a German shepherd, Ellie made a turn for the better. Like the Great Dane and deer who are best buds and the pig who won’t leave a certain pooch’s side, it’s pretty hard to believe the incredible relationship between Duma and Ellie.

“What was a really interesting thing was the elephant calf was here. He was particularly weak, particularly ill. He wasn’t showing much interest in doing anything. He was very lethargic, very disinterested,” said Karen Trendler, rehabilitation and crisis response expert. “We introduced Duma and the elephant at the sand pile and it immediately cheered the elephant up… He suddenly started getting a little bit of interest in life again.”

Now the two animals are becoming inseparable, as you’ll see in the lovely video below.