The Way This Rescued Pit Bull Reacted To A Toy Just Broke My Heart


When animals are abused, it can break out hearts to hear the lengths that some people will go to just to make an animal suffer. These animals are never asking for such treatment, and they are the voiceless victims who have to depend on other people to look out for them. That’s what happened to Kinzie when she was found tied to a flagpole with chemical burns all over her face and body.

Rescued Pit Bull Reacted
Her health condition was terrible, and it was through the efforts of Furever Rescue, who took her in, that she is starting to get back on her feet again.

Her injuries were so fresh when they found her that she was screaming in pain when they hauled her into the car.desktop-1436454457_compressed

At only eight months old, it was questionable whether she would ever recover from such an ordeal. After her injuries were treated, her pain was gone completely, but her emotional pain will probably always be there.

Rescued Pit Bull Reacted
When her foster mother took her in and gave her a squeaky toy, Kinzie reacted aggressively towards it.
Rescued Pit Bull Reacted
Who knows the story behind that one, but it will likely be some time before Kinzie becomes the loving pooch she should have been had these horrible people not abused her.Rescued Pit Bull Reacted

Thankfully, she’ll be up for adoption once all of her burn wounds have healed, and she can spend the rest of her days with a loving family who’ll never let anything happen to her ever again.Rescued Pit Bull Reacted