When You See Where They Rescued This Poor Horse From, You’ll Freeze


This poor horse had given up on life completely because when she looked around she was belly deep in snow and there wasn’t anyone to help her out. She was all alone on a mountainside, but little did she know that she will be rescued.

You see a man named Rafael Pease planned to take celebrate his 21st birthday with his friend snowboarding in the Chilean Andes. Now from a distance, Rafael thought he saw a rock but when he looked closer he realized that it wasn’t a rock, it was an animal in desperate need of help and this is when the two friends went to help.

They took their snow shovels and started digging through the snow and within a short period of time, they were able to remove the horse from the icy snow. They fed the poor horse and slowly led her down the mountain where she was finally reunited with her person. This is when they learned that the horse had been missing for four days.

Had the horse not been rescued, she would have not survived for long, that’s for sure. Pease was very happy to rescue the horse and said that everyone should watch out for one another, whether human or animal.