They Rescued This Pup From Dog Fighting


Bubbles was used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. He was taken to Animal Charity of Ohio this week after he had fled from his owners and ended up on someone’s front porch. Even though he had obviously been mistreated and abused, it didn’t take him long to show love and trust to his new friends.

Rescued This Pup From Dog Fighting

But they noticed that something wasn’t quite right, Bubbles didn’t give them any doggie kisses. He would touch their faces with his face, but no kiss.

They were horrified when they looked in his mouth to see Bubbles had no tongue. To add to his sad situation, Bubbles has parasites and heartworm.

Rescued This Pup From Dog Fighting

Bubbles’ former owner may never be tracked down. But Bubbles is in good hands now. He is scheduled to see a veterinarian soon and in the meantime is looking for a foster home. If you can help – go to Animal Charity of Ohio’s Facebook page.