They Were Rescuing A Dog, But They Had No Idea This Was Waiting For Them!


Our world today has grown past the petty fights of torturing each other that we have also need to torture animals for our pleasure. This is the Tale of Mother Iris, a sweet Momma Pit Bull who made herself a safe shelter to deliver her three little pups in a row of bushes.

Animal rescue crew on receiving information on Iris, decided to rescue and give her a forever home. While tracking down her calm residence in the bushes, the rescue team found her sweet home made in depths of the bushes with a stack of sticks. After leashing and rescuing Iris, the crew also found three little pit bull pups and sheltered them as well.

Unlike human inhumanity, this dog did not choose to abandon her babies, rather built a mansion for them to live happily. Iris and her three pups, Seth, Nathaniel and Meg currently await a forever Family and Home to look after them. Do you think you can help these four find a good and loving home? Share this story now!