Rescuing a homeless family from under a house


Swift action

This family deserves a lot of credit for taking such a swift action as they were able to save some precious lives. Also, the homeowners were wise enough to take a swift action and to call a local animal shelter for further assistance. They called Hope for Paws that are known for helping and rescuing the dogs in need. It is remarkable to see how quick was the intervention from Hope for Paws and helped the dogs immediately.

Dogs under the house

It remains a mystery as to how the dogs were able to get under the house but what matters most is that they were safe and sound. The puppies were taken to shelter and proper medication and food is being given to them. They are quickly getting back to perfect health and they are looking as happy and full of life as any other dog. The story is not finished here as the babies have a mother too and she would be searching for her babies and such reunions are always heartwarming.