Bald And Ripped Chimps Start Mass Brawl At British Zoo


I rarely get scared at films or videos… ‘Rarely’ being the keyword – as this next clip is absolutely terrifying.

Course, what in this world could be scarier than two bald, ripped chimps fighting dozens of others in an enclosed space.

According to The Telegraph, this is the moment that two chimps, believed to be father and son, caused a fight to erupt between apes in a zoo in England.Ripped Chimps

The footage was filmed at Twycross Zoo, in Atherstone, and shows the chimps, both suffering from alopecia, chasing and hitting one another while screeching and grinding their teeth, just before the mass brawl erupts.

The chimps in the video are almost walking proof for evolution – and that is simply what makes them so scary. How human and violent they are with their pumped up muscle and anger.

They look very ready for world domination.

The YouTuber who uploaded the video simply wrote online:

The monkeys have a good old noisy fight. A few scratches and some minor wounds and probably a few more scars.