Rottweiler is the Gentlest Big Brother to His Human Baby


There is arguably nothing cuter than a dog and his baby — and especially these two, who might be THE cutest pair there ever was. Seriously.

This Rottweiler interacts with his little girl in the sweetest way, and it’s a huge testament to the fact that stereotypes are wrong, and Rottweilers are actually extremely sweet and gentle.Rottweiler

It’s clear this dog and baby pair are the best of friends, and rightfully so, because they’re both SO photogenic it’s actually insane.

The background music to their love makes it all that much better. That Rottweiler better watch out. His tiny human is going to be a total heartbreaker when she gets older!

For now, they’re just breaking hearts together. Too. Cute.

Just look at those eyes. And those SMILES. Swoon.