A sad story about a dog :(


This story is dedicated to all dog lovers…

When I first saw you, I knew you were my new family. I knew you would love me. I knew you would keep me safe.

You took me from my mom, but I was happy. Because I loved you. You held me in your arms. You smiled down at me and kissed my nose. I kissed you back and wagged my tail. Then we went home.

Oh how I loved home. I loved laying on your pillow. I loved playing in the yard. And you loved me. You would come home from work and hug me.

sad story about a dog

When I was about 2, you started coming home later. With no hugs.

I still waited for you. I still tried to sleep on your pillow. But you said no. You said I was too big now. You told me to lay on the floor. So that’s where I slept. And I still loved you.

Soon you started bringing home a lady. I loved the lady because you loved the lady. But the lady didn’t love me. I tried to be good for her. I listened. But she didn’t want me near her. And you would yell at me to go lay down. So I spent most of my time alone.

No more pillow. No more yard. No more you.

sad story about a dog

But I still loved you

The lady started coming over all the time. You called her your wife. Soon the lady got bigger. Her tummy looked funny. Then you both left. For a long time, I went unfed and lonely.

Then you came back. I forgave you. You and the lady carried something. I sniffed. It smelled good. It was a little human. I got happy and tried to lick him. The lady yelled at me. You smacked my nose.

What happened to my kisses on the nose? My hugs? You?

sad story about a dog

But I still loved you

When the little human got bigger you let me see him. He loved me. I was happy again. I was loved again.

One day, I heard you and the lady talking. You were talking about a new home. I didn’t want a new home. I loved our home. Then I found out the new home wouldn’t be my new home. You were leaving me. Forever.

I tried to be good. I wanted to stay with you. I loved you.

Soon all your stuff was in boxes. And a big truck came. Your stuff went in the truck. You patted me on the head and walked out the door. The little human cried.

sad story about a dog

For days and days I waited for you to come home and hug me. That day never came. Finally, I had to eat. I found my way out of the house. I lived in a cardboard box. I rarely ate. The bigger dogs hurt me.

Then one day a man walked by, he stopped in front of my box. I jumped, hoping it was you. That maybe you changed your mind and we’re trying to find me. But it wasn’t you.

The man picked me up and carried me to a home. He fed me and gave me a bath. I felt loved again. The man took me for walks. He played with me. He was old but he loved me. He let me sleep with him on the bed. But one day, he didn’t wake up.

I licked his face. I waited and waited. He didn’t move. Two days later, the door of my home opened. A lady came inside. She walked upstairs. She saw him and cried. She looked at me and frowned.

She made a phone call and led me outside. She put me in a car. I was so happy, I loved car rides. She drove me to a building. I smelled other dogs. I got happier.

sad story about a dog

We got out and went inside. She talked to a few ladies and left. I tried to follow, but I got pulled back by the ladies holding my leash. Where was she going? Was she coming back?

No. I got put in a cage. I was given food and water. But I didn’t eat. A few days later, a different lady walked up to my cage and put a leash on me. I had guessed it was time for a walk. I was wrong, she led me to a room.

She sat me on a table and told me to lie down. She said it was okay. She pulled out a needle, it had water in it. But again I was wrong. It wasn’t water. She rubbed my ears and I felt a sting.

I looked at her with tired eyes. She said she was sorry. I licked her hand and fell asleep. Before I died, I had a dream. My family came back for me, they told me sorry and that they loved me.

I felt loved. I still loved him, he was my friend no matter what. I forgave him. And I will wait for him forever…