Cop Runs Into Burning House To Save Pit Bull Puppy


A family’s worst nightmare is to see their house devoured by fire. All the memories they had, the times they spent, the things they bought – everything turned to ashes. Whats more devastating is that while they’re safe, one of their family members is still in there, fighting to come out to safety. This is the story of a pit bull and his hero.

By the time Officer Robert Breitfeller arrived that scene of the fire, the house had already started wallowing smoke. But the neighbors hadn’t given up hope, neither did the officer when he learned that the family’s pit bull puppy was still inside. They broke down the front door and in went the officer who soon disappeared into the smoke mist. Several minutes later, no one could believe their eyes.

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980x-1-24-560x733_compressed980x-43_compressedThe pit bull puppy was soon reunited with his family, completely unharmed by the fire. We thank Officer Robert Breitfeller for not giving up! Share away, people!