This Man Saved His Dog From A Burning Building, Then He…Got Arrested?


How far can you go to save your pet? This is the brave story of a hero name Jarrod Martin who risked his life to save his dog from a fire.

A video shot in 2003 from West Memphis went viral, when people found it as a searing evidence of one man’s selfless love for his dog.
Saved His Dog From A Burning Building

Even after being stopped by police, this man could not make himself watch his dog burn. Hence, he took the rescue in his own hands.

Saved His Dog From A Burning Building
Unfortunately, Jarred now faces two police charges for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.
Saved His Dog From A Burning Building

Before judging the police or the man, you must listen to both sides of the story.

Jarrod recalls the police warnings vaguely, as he could imagine nothing but his best friend, Bishop burning in the house. Within minutes, Jarrod lost his control on spotting the crimson fire spread towards Bishop, through the sliding glass door.

Dismissing the noxious smoke that could cause a serious blackout, Jarrod leapt into the burning balcony and saved his canine within the wink of an eye. This one impulse changed the course of destiny for Bishop and Jarred. When Jarred jumped down with the dog, Bishop ran to his daughter and started licking joyously.

Police claims that Jarred could have broke open an explosion or risked his and the rescuers life by his reckless and senseless actions. Whatever the face of justice is, Jarred is definite that had he continued watching the fire burning, Bishop would not have been alive anymore. What would you have done, had you been in his place? Share this incredible story with your friends.