Mom Arrested For Saving Her Dog From Being Murdered By A Cop Found Not Guilty


With all the horrible stories in recent news about police officers killing owners’ dogs for seemingly no reason, it’s good to hear that there’s some justice in the world. Putting one’s life at risk for their dog is more than their pets ask for, and it warms the heart to know that there are people out there capable of such things.

There was an argument taking place that escalated to the point where one homeowner, Cliff, decided to call the police after he was threatened by his neighbor. Cliff’s dog was attached to a chain when the officer showed up, and although the dog barked, it was soon calm again and wagging its tail.

But that wasn’t enough for the state trooper, as he rushed towards the dog with his gun out. Tiffanie stepped in the officer’s way to prevent him from killing her dog, and she was promptly slammed to the ground. When they realized they were being filmed, they entered the house illegally and confiscated all of their electronic devices.

Take a look at this video

When they were taken to court, Tiffanie’s defence attorney was operating under a conflict of interest, as she was married to a state trooper. It was obvious that Tiffanie was going to end up with a felony of obstructing justice. But thanks to the pro bono efforts of David Schles, the truth came out through the video evidence as to what really happened, and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Share away, people.