Duslo The Scottish Fold Sleeps In The Kitchen To Keep An Eye On Food!


This is a story of a Scottish fold cat called Duslo and Duslo’s decided that if there’s one place he’s going to sleep in, it’s going to be in the kitchen among the aromas of the food that’s being prepared. If you are cat parents, you know that cats love to eat! They were probably born to eat and get belly rubs on demand…and to mesmerize us humans, and to control our emotions.

Wait you didn’t know? I recently came to know about how cats can influence emotions and help you manage them! But that’s a different story altogether. This cat, Duslo, has decided that he’s going to sleep in the most adorable position EVER and melt everyone’s heart in the process. Don’t believe me? You’ve got to check out this adorable video!