She Promised To Take This Senior Shelter Dog Home… She Lied.


Finding out that a dog is missing can be one of the most devastating moments in a family’s life. You never know if you’re going to get them back, or if they’re even alive. But even with the news of a dog being found, a dog may still be unwanted.

That’s what happened to this poor pooch who is fifteen years old. A woman turned up claiming that it was her brother’s dog who had gone missing. She stayed with him for a while and petted his head, promising that she would come back to get him… but she never did. Now the dog, Maurice, is without the familiarities of home and someone to love him.

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Senior Shelter DogThe staff of the shelter he’s in have described him as being a very loving dog, and it’s with their hope and efforts that someone will decide to take him in and give him the best time he has left in his senior life. Share away, people.