This Dog May Have Flunked Service Dog School, But She’s Doing Awesome!


Now this dog always dreamed to be a great service dog, but as you all know, chasing birds is not part of the skill set. This is the story of a talented dog, a golden retriever called Ricochet. Now this dog always wanted to be a service dog, but little did she know that she was in for the biggest career surprise on her life! Her instinct took over her obedience training and thus instead of becoming a service dog, she became a kickass surf dog!

So what if Ricochet failed service dog school, today she’s doing much better as a surf dog and she helps kids and people with disabilities and illness to have surfing fun under the sun. She knows her tides so well that it’s impossible to believe that in 2010,she won the American Kennel Club’s Award for Canine Excellence!