This Shelter Is Located In The Most Difficult Place On The Planet, But It’s Worth A Visit!


In Lima, Peru, a woman named Sara Moran is running a shelter called The Milagros Perrunos dog shelter. Now Lima is a developing nation, also known as a third world country. This shelter is home to dogs who’re partially paralyzed especially after they’re hit by cars. Sara runs this shelter solely with the donations she receives from animals lovers worldwide to help these poor pups get a second chance to life.

Sara doesn’t profit form the donations, in fact every penny received is directed towards food, toys and wheelchairs for the dogs! The wheelchairs give the dogs the ability to run and play, an ability snatched away from them after paralysis. In this video you’ll see them happily playing at the beach like there’s no tomorrow!

Watch this heartwarming video below!

We hope that someday these adorable pups find their forever loving home and that the donations keep pouring in so the shelter can continue doing this amazing job! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends