What is Short Spine Syndrome?


It’s a severe shortening of the vertebrae column/spinal column. The vertebrae are compressed giving dogs a short hunch back look.

What are the signs of Short Spine Syndrome?

The vertebrae are compressed, creating a sever shortening of the spine. The vertebrae seem to remain in their cartilage form. They do not harden into bone like with other dogs. Some of the vertebrae are even fused together which means their spines are less flexible than regular doggie spines. The dog’s neck appears to be missing, the head is fused directly to the spine. They cannot turn their heads, instead they must swivel their entire body’s around to see what they want to see. Their backs slope down which makes them look like they have a hunch back. The dog’s tail is also affected and will look twisted and shorter than a normal dog tail. The dog’s limbs will look normal but they will have a barrel chested appearance and usually have fewer ribs than other dogs.

This condition is very rare. Little is known about it. As of 2016 only about 10 dogs are known to have this condition.

Dogs with Short Spine Syndrome can have difficulty leading a normal life and performing normal dog activities (like eating) though their lifespan will be pretty much normal.