Sick Pit Bull Puppy Decides To Rescue Herself. This Is Where She Went For Help!


This is the story of an tiny pit bull mix puppy who decided that she didn’t want to wait for her rescuers to find her. If she needed help, she had to go find it and not the other way round. This pit bull mix puppy is a stray and when she realized that she could no longer live her life without help, she walked straight into the East Cleveland Fire Department. Yes, it’s like she knew that she’ll be helped!

The firefighters looked at the 5-month old puppy and saw that she had open wounds and also suffered from severe mange. The puppy followed one of the firefighters for hours until they were able to arrange for a team to take her to the Crossroads Animal Hospital. According to Dr. Kim Cooper, the puppy had swollen feet and had open wounds in the head. It was smart for her to do that!