Man Pulls Woman From Sinking Car — Then Goes Back To Save Her Dog


You are about to see an ordinary man become a hero – right before your eyes! A woman and her little dog were rescued from the deadly flooding in Louisiana. This video was recorded on Saturday in Baton Rouge. David Phung was traveling with a group of men in a boat when they saw the sinking car. The men couldn’t break the window – but they were able to get into the car through the convertible top.

hero man
Image Credit: WAFB

You can see them work frantically! There was an incredible sense of urgency as the car kept sinking lower and lower. Just as the car goes under David is able to wrestle the woman out! The woman then says her dog is in the car. David dives back under the surface and rescues the woman’s dog!

Take a look at this video!

You can hear the shock and amazement from the men on the boat! All three were able to get to safety. Share away, people!