Sleepy Puppy Naps While Sitting Up


We’ve all had days when we can’t seem to keep our eyes open. It looks like Juliet the puppy has them too! She must have had a long day at the office because she appears to be desperately in need of a power nap. In this very cute video, she falls asleep while sitting up before eventually falling over. We’ve all been there, Juliet! Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments.

Juliet isn’t the only sleepy pup on the block—Humphrey the bulldog looks equally exhausted! Just like Juliet, Humphrey starts falling into a slumber while still sitting up. He tries hard to keep his eyes open, but it looks like he’s definitely in need of a nap. Watch the adorable video!

Want to see more sleepy dogs? Check out this AFV video featuring yet another pup who’s not ready to get out of bed. In the video, the cute canine covers her face with her paws when her owner tells her it’s time to get up. Looks like it must be a Monday morning! Check it out!

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