Small Dog Breaks The World Record For Popping 100 Balloons


We all like to think of our own pets as the best, most adorable, smartest little critters in the world, but chances are they aren’t quite as impressive to someone who isn’t their owner. Don’t get me wrong, I will always defend my pup above all others, but even I have to admit there are some cuties out there with talents that might outshine her adorable charm just a little bit.

For instance, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be quite as skilled asDagger, aka Dogvinci, who likes to paint his own beautiful works of art. In fact, she would probably just destroy any paintbrush we hand her. And I doubt she would have the patience to stand on a skateboard for any length of time, much less the gracefulness of Otto, the record-breaking bulldog. I think the only record she could break would have to involve napping.

The pup in the video below, however, has her own records she’s determined to break. Instead of riding around on a skateboard, Cally the Wonderdog and her owner Mitch show off her speedy balloon pop skills while visiting the Britain’s Got Talent stage. Joined by an official Guinness World Records adjudicator, Cally is set to beat the quickest time for popping 100 balloons. She’s clearly not intimidated by the former record holder, a dog named Anastasia here in the States. Mitch has to hold the eager little girl back from starting too early while the official explains the rules.

Take a look below to see how she does, and be sure to keep an eye on Simon Cowell at the judge’s table.

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