Amazingly Smart Pit Bull performs Fancy Tricks


These days, I think that we are all wise to the long-standing smear campaign against pit bulls.

Despite their once-fearsome reputation, these dogs are affectionate, loyal, and highly intelligent. Like any dog, pit bulls just need to be properly trained in order to be the perfect household pet!

Pit bulls are actually a group of slightly different terrier variations, crossbred with larger canines like bulldogs for the purpose of baiting bulls. They eventually became farm dogs, and were even used as nanny dogs, because they were so gentle with children. In fact, this is still true, as in the case of the pit bull that fell in love with her baby human.

Pit bulls don’t always care for other dogs, though there are some amazing exceptions like this pair of total sweeties! They are, however, unfailingly loyal to their humans. What’s more, the same patience, dedication, and intelligence that made them vulnerable to humans with ulterior motives also makes them eager-to-please in training.

In fact, these smarty-pants pups can learn almost any trick, which I, for one, find incredibly impressive!

I was especially blown away after watching this stunning video of the highly accomplished Veronica-Lynn. Veronica, a 9-year-old pit bull, has been with her owners since she was just 10 weeks old.In that time, she’s been extensively socialized, and trained with no-force, positive reinforcement techniques to do all sorts of fancy tricks.

Among her lofty achievements? Veronica can put her own toys away, and get her owner a tissue when she sneezes. And her trick 18 seconds in had me howling with laughter!