The smartest Pit Bull I have ever met


If you are patient enough to make your pet dog learn things properly, they can be best mates for life and can work just like human beings. Here, is a story of a Pit-Bull which can actually follow commands and do a lot of things that make him the most adorable and smartest dog in its community. In the video, you are going to see a pit-bull, following the command of her master. It brings the bag, the cold drink bottles, the phone and more, as per the commands. It is fast and active and never makes a mistake. ?The dog shown in the video is fast enough and never delays in following the command. It even opens the fridge with his mouth and brings out three bottles of cold drinks. Any master will be happy to have a pit-bull which can followcommands to such an extent. The master here offers a biscuit for each work done and that can be a motivation for the pit-bull. This is a smart dog for sure and one of the smartest in the world. You will just love to have a companion like this as it will be able to do a lot of work for you.