Sneaky Bulldog Pup Gets Caught Trying To Steal Her Treats.


We all catch our kids going into the snack cabinet before dinner, but it’s another thing catching our puppy!  This Bulldog puppy has mastered how to open one of those corner cabinets that swivel.  When he thinks no one is looking he goes hunting for a snack.

He is so engrossed in getting to the snack he is looking for, that he has no idea he is being videoed in action.  You will not believe the footage you are about to watch!  This little guy will stop at nothing to reach his goal.  He actually looks like a little kid, in the way he uses his paws to get the bag off the shelf, that keeps swiveling.

Even as he hears his human mommy call his name to stop him, he won’t relent, finally getting the bag into his mouth and to the floor.  It seems he’s having the same problem opening the bag that we all seem to have these days.  He knows his time is limited, so he takes off with the bag and goes under the dining table to tear it open.  “Mmmm, this is cheddar-flavored popcorn”, he thinks to himself with half his body inside the snack bag!  This little guy’s antics are absolutely hysterical!  Mission accomplished, this pup has no guilt whatsoever.