Happily Snoring English Bulldog Pup Will Make You So Restless It’s Crazy!


What do most pups dream of? Do they dream of a big kennel of friends? Or, a sea of bones?
Or just an Olympic gold medal in ‘Puppy gymnastics? I don’t know, but I’d love to find out! This is a story of a tiny bull dog pup who was playing with his buddy, the stuffed toy piglet. They played for hours and hours until the sandman came to their bed. So piglet suggested that the pup should sleep while the piglet lulled.

Slowly, the cute little pup dozed off to the hypnotic lulls of the piglet and started to dream. Little bull dog dreamed of so many magical things…He saw sea of fancy bones, world’s cutest dog volleyball on the beach and many more things and suddenly he started to snore…oh so cozy!