Hero Staffordshire Terrier Pit Bull saves kids from tiger snake


ZENA the staffordshire terrier is being hailed a hero after saving her three young owners from a lethal tiger snake.

Staffordshire terrier Zena defended her owners, the Schultz children, Brendan, 7, Jared, 6, and Sarah, 3 – when the snake tried to slide through an open screen door into the playroom where the youngsters were eating their dinner about 6.30pm on Tuesday, The Geelong Advertiser reported.

Staffordshire Terrier Pit BullZena stopped the snake but was then vulnerable to its deadly bite. However as the siblings cried for help to save their dog she snapped the snake’s spine, preventing it from striking.
“It was terrifying,” mother Patricia said.
“I walked into the rumpus room to ask the kids if they wanted anything else to eat and this snake was making its way along the screen door towards the opening.
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“The children saw it at the same time.
“I screamed, the kids screamed and Zena came from nowhere.
“She gave it one quick snap and then continued to struggle with it.”
When husband Steven realised his wife was screaming in terror he rushed from inside the house in Bannockburn, 93km south-west of Melbourne, to save his dog from the snake.
“Zena wouldn’t stop when I was yelling at her but she did when Steven told her to get away,” Mrs Schultz said.
“It was barely moving after Zena had let go, so he was able to finish it off with the rake.”

See how he grabs the snake