Cruel Couple Starve Their Pet Dog Until It Passes Away


This is a story about a pet dog who was mercilessly starved to death by his own cruel owners. The couple, who reside in Fayeteville, North Carolina, were arrested and charged with animal cruelty after officials found two dogs, one barely alive and one lifeless at their residence. The couple, Lynn Barker, 30, and Danielle Elizabeth Durocher, 30 are held at the Cumberland County detention facility and each of them are on $10,000 secured bond.

The lifeless dog found at their residence had no traces of food in her stomach which clearly meant that she was starved to death and the other one, believed to be between 1 and 3 years old, weighed just 15 pounds as opposed to what a healthy dog at that age should weigh – at least 35 pounds.

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Starve Their Pet Dog

This is NOT acceptable. This couple should be shown no mercy and should never be allowed to keep pets let alone get close to one. If you agree, please sign this petition so that this couple is prosecuted to the fullest and that nobody else dares to starve their pets to death. Share, please.