Starved Pit Bull Pup Brutally Hit In The Head With A Hatchet, Finds Love


Meet a brave pup called Sally who was starved and impaled with a hatchet by someone, but thankfully survived the severe cruelty. But, Sally is a gladiator, and she never gave up. She walked … and walked … and finally reached a porch in Pennsylvania and collapsed. When the family opened the door, they saw an emaciated motionless dog with a deep gash in her head, still bleeding ounces and ounces of blood.
Starved Pit Bull Pup Terrified, they called the local police who rushed Sally to Lehigh County Humane Society and waited in hope for a miracle to happen. When the doctors saw that Sally’s severe wound, going deep into her skull, they were shocked.Starved Pit Bull PupThey had never seen anything like this. An ax attack after starvation? This person wanted to make sure that she had just enough life in her to feel the pain little by little… and die somewhere far … far away. But, destiny has miraculous ways, eh? The surgeries have been all successful and Sally is now on a special diet that will heal and nourish her. But, she still needs truck loads of love to even start recovering from her terrifying past. Sally’s rescuers have sought out help from anyone who knows anything about Sally’s past or owners. With so many animal lovers involved, her official fundraising page has also raised more than $3,000 towards her care.Starved Pit Bull PupThis is just part of the enormous hospital bills, medicines and surgeries that Sally had to start recovering. Even though Sally is not ready for adoption, the perfect fit ever, fosters who nursed her have submitted their adoption interest in Sally already . But she has a long road to recovery friends…Show your love to Sally by sharing this with all your friends and family…