Video Of Stray Dog Peeing On Man Goes Viral, But The Man Surprises Everyone And Adopts Him


After surveillance video of a stray dog peeing on a man sitting on a curb went viral, the story took an unexpected turn. Although the man was very upset being mistaken for a fire hydrant, he returned to the spot the next day to rescue the dog. Heinze Sanchez, 27, of Rio de Janeiro was sitting on the street using his cell phone, when a street dog snuck up behind him, gave him a sniff and peed right on his back

Pic shows: The dog peeing on the man’s back.
An animal lover has adopted a stray dog after a video of the pooch weeing on him went viral.
Heinze Sanchez, 27, was sat on a kerb, using his mobile phone when the dog cocked a leg and peed on his back.
Hilarious footage of the animal “marking his territory” became a social media sensation.
Heinze later went looking for the dog, in Rio de Janeiro, in the eastern Brazilian state of the same name.
And after discovering he had no owner, he took the dog into his home and named him Enzo, according to local media.
Heinze said: “When I found him, I called and he came and wagged his tail.
“It was beginning to rain. I stayed with him for a while and then decided to take him home.”
It was far from love at first sight for Heinze and Enzo, whose initial meeting was caught on CCTV.
Footage shows Heinze staring at his mobile phone while the dog sneaks up behind him and does his business.
Heinze said: “I was looking at my mobile phone and was concentrating, sitting on the floor. I did not see it coming.
“He came over slowly and I just felt this heat on my back and I was scared. When I looked, I saw that he had peed on me. I was indignant.”
The video shows Heinze leaping up and kicking out at the dog who ran away scared.
Another dog can be seen coming up to Heinze, who reportedly told it: “Did you see what your friend did to me?”
Later, when the footage was uploaded onto social media, many viewers were critical of Heinze for frightening the dog away.
He said: “I did not catch him. It was a reaction in the moment and I did not intend to hurt him.”
At first Heinze had no idea that the video footage had been posted on the internet.
He only realised the video was online when he began to be recognised from the clip, which has gone viral locally, receiving more than 40,000 views at the time of writing.
Heinze said: “I went on the metro to the beach. A boy I do not know told me, ‘you are that guy whose back was urinated on by

Heinze was visibly upset and charged towards the dog and threatened him with a kick. But the dog scampered away and watched Heinze from a distance and another stray comes out to check out what’s going on. Soaked with urine, Heinze took off his shirt and stormed off. CCT video of the comedic encounter was posted online and went viral (see below).


But Heinze wasn’t one to hold a grudge. He wrote on Facebook, “I woke up this morning and went after the little dog who peed on my back. I tried to find out who owned it and I knew it was [a] street [dog].”
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