Two Stray Dogs Go Through Hell And Back, Then Get The Rescue They Deserve


Meet Romeo and Juliet, a pair of inseparable dogs who lived through hell and back — together every step of the way.

Several years ago, the Shar Pei pair was picked up as strays who were found wandering the streets of Los Angeles. They spent a full month at a shelter, hoping for a home but instead remaining behind the kennel bars. To make matters worse, Juliet is blind, and depended on her Romeo for safety, security, and love. Romeo lives up to his, acting as Juliet’s eyes, leading her everywhere, and never letting her out of his sight.

Two rescue organizations — Bound Angels and Merlin’s Hope — worked to rescue both dogs from the shelter. As soon as Robert opened his car door, they happily hopped in and made the journey to their new life. Even though Juliet couldn’t see anything, she stood up and perched herself against the car window, feeling the warm sun on her back. Eventually, Romeo made his way toward Robert and licked the back of his arm. Then, slowly, Juliet inched her way forward and began licking him, too. It was as if they knew their life of torture was over. Robert’s eyes filled with tears as he realized the miracle sitting in his backseat.

Romeo and Juliet continued their love story. They ended up together in a real home, with other dogs, medical care, new doggie beds, a good diet, and lots and lots of love. Please SHARE this incredible fairytale with your friends on Facebook!