Rescue Organization Helps A Stray Pitbull Find His Forever Home


Hope for Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization aimed at helping abandoned animals in need. Founded by a married couple, Audrey and Eldad Hagar, the organization has created a huge network of animal rescuers worldwide. They themselves have fostered hundreds of animals in their own home over the past decade – talk about walking the walk after talking the talk. A large part of their goal is to get people to realize that pets are not accessories that exist for our own personal enjoyment.

Per their website, “Pets are not items that can be thrown away or exchanged for younger models. Animals are sentient beings who feel pain, love, joy, mourning, and loss. These valuable creatures help us whether it is assisting the blind or finding people under the rubble from an earthquake. They help us in times of war and during human catastrophes.” The organization’s passion is evident in everything they do. Which brings us to the video below. Wallace, the featured pit bull, was left abandoned, injured and terrified. Watch as Hope for Paws rescues Wallace…and proceeds to find him a forever home. It might be a good idea to have a couple tissues in your hand. What did you think about Wallace’s story? Or about Hope for Paws’ mission? Let us know in the comments below, and please share this video on Facebook so people are able to donate to this worthy cause.