Gertie Couldn’t Drink Water Because She Suffered From Cleft Palate, Now Watch The Miracle!


Meet, Gertie the special dog with a cleft palate who is happy and indifferent to her sufferings. One-year old Gertie had already suffered a year of abandonment and starvation on the roads when miracles suddenly started happening. She was taken to MIA Foundation, which works exclusively for animals with birth defects. The shelter taught Gertie ways to keep herself healthy and unmarred by her disorder.

When found at the dumpster, Gertie had little or null hope to live. But, the volunteers believed in her and prayed for a perfect family best for her. And soon the miracle happened! Destiny brought some kindhearted people to the shelter to adopt Gertie. Volunteers were glad that their prayers were answered and Gertie had a new family.

See how Gertie adjusts to her discomfort with the cleft palate while drinking water:

That’s right, Gertie cannot drink her water like other dogs, so she slurps it with the tongue, little by little. Gertie never gave up and smiled strongly through each of her hurdles. Her confidence is enough to boost your confidence! Share this post with your friends too