Mishka the Talking Husky


Growing up, we were taught that calling someone stupid was wrong. The word ‘stupid’ in our house was considered a bad word. No one wants to be called a bad word or to be thought of as stupid. This video clip starts off with a woman asking her Husky some questions. Some of the questions are pretty straight forward.

She asks the dog if she loves her. The dog answers, and it sounds like she is saying “I love you.” The next question, “Are you pretty?” The dog, after the briefest of pauses, replies in the affirmative! I mean, who would say, “No, I am not pretty”?! After a few more questions the women switches gears. The final question, “Are you stupid?” is asked.

Take a look at this video!

Now whether the dog understood the question or was just getting tired of all the questions, I don’ know – but her answer is just perfect! Share away, people!